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Too Depressed to Commit Suicide (PeeCees)

What a dreary life it is this ... teaching
Feel like a peach melba without a ... peach in
I was so depressed I started ... screeching
Feel like Debbie Harry's hair without the ... bleach in
Telling kids to keep down the noise
Are you surprised I lost my voice
Guess I chose the wrong career
Like the Dane in that play by Shakespeare

To be To be or To be or yo-yo-yo
I'm go I'm going I'm going ga ga go
I'm so I'm sewin I'm so in pain inside
I'm too I'm too deep too depressed to commit ... suicide yo yo yo
(I'm too depressed to commit suicide)

When I go home I waste my time ... markin
Hate to watch the news read by Leonard ... Parkin
If I were a dog I'd really be ... barkin
Instead I'll look for some pool with a ... shark in
But then suicide's a crime
Don't want to waste the police's time
Just quietly do myself in
Like the guy in that book by Solzhenitsyn

Archie Archie Bell Archipela-go-go-go
Ga ga Ga ga go Ga ga ga Yo yo yo
I'm so I'm sewin' I'm so in pain inside
Too deep Too depressed to commit suicide

Too depressed to commit suicide
Too depressed to inject cyanide
Nooses ice-cubes gas insecticide
Razor's blunt so I'll take pesticide
Too depressed to commit suicide
Too depressed to commit suicide


Blogger bryan_jh said...

Can you give me an email or call?

July 12, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

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